It Takes Just 2 Minutes to Sow a Seed

But a whole family to plant a forest.

We need you. The planet needs you. And now is the time to act.

We have plans to plant a forest, right here in Cornwall!!! I have to say it is very exciting and fulfils an ambition for the whole team here at 2 Minutes. We’ve been wanting to do this for ages, not only for ourselves but for the planet. And what’s the point of having a tight knit family of followers if we can’t get everyone involved? We are going to turn a hashtag into activism!!!

So let’s plant a 2 Minute Forest together. It will be our very first #2minuteregeneration project.

We’re all about tidying up the planet 2 minutes at a time. Part of that, we think, is to help the planet to heal. Planting trees helps to restore nature, capture carbon and create an ecosystem for insects, birds and all kinds of species to thrive in. Planting trees is also very cost effective, easy to do and the more people who help us the better.

How can you get involved? By planting UK Native seeds at home! Now – between September and November – is the time of year to gather the seeds of many of our common trees – acorns, conkers, hazelnuts, beech masts and ash samaras – to plant out at home. To gather seeds, all you have to do is go for a walk in a wood of native species, in your local park or out in the countryside and search for seeds on the ground (or on the branches). If you can’t get to trees there’s more in a bit.

To plant the seeds out, collect toilet roll tubes, fill them with earth (or peat-free compost) and plant one seed in each. Planting at least 20 seeds will ensure you end up with at least a few healthy shoots and then, soon, a few saplings.

When the time comes to plant out the trees next year, we’ll be ready, at our friend’s  plot in Cornwall to either plant them for you or help you plant them yourself. Yes! We’re going to have a planting party!!! We have access to a few acres, which means we’ll need lots of trees! If you can’t make it we’ll plant your saplings for you. You can visit them later, when they have grown a little bigger!

Okay? We hope you love this idea as much as we do. Share it with your friends, school, kids, work place or sports club.

Get collecting, planting and growing!!

DON’T HAVE TREES NEAR YOU? You can always go for a walk in the forest or in your local park. See what seeds you can gather and plant them out.

For a donation of just £10 we will send you a bag of 25 Cornish sessile acorns (from our own gardens) to plant out yourself at home. CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

Want to support us and our 2 Minute Forest without growing? You can donate HERE.


One thought on “It Takes Just 2 Minutes to Sow a Seed

  1. Kat Mitchell says:

    What a great idea. Does it have to be one of the mentioned tree?
    I have a huge old chestnut tree at the back garden. Could I use that?


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