Support Treen, Support Us.

There are times when the love and dedication of our followers blows us away. Treen (Katrina Ayling) is one of those who constantly amazes us with her tenacity and fight, the will to do the right thing and a fearless voice. She has decided to do something special for herself and for us and, for that, we are truly grateful. We are also extremely humbled to be part of her journey and thrilled that we have been. Our family wouldn’t exist without people like Treen (and you). They are what makes us who we are and what makes us different. We help the earth and oceans, and in doing so, we help each other too.

This is the story in her own words. Treen we love you!!!

“Two and a half years ago I couldn’t walk. Severe pelvic dysfunction in my second pregnancy left me housebound for the last 4 months of my pregnancy, in chronic unrelenting pain day and night, fearful, alone and definitely not blooming in my pregnancy. The ocean has played a huge part in my recovery, mother ocean has been there every step of the way. From the early days of mini beach cleans to surf, body boarding and sea swimming. Little did I know how important doing a #2MinuteBeachClean was going to be in my rehabilitation, my recovery and my struggles to come to terms with what happened to me. Beach-cleans became my exercise to build my strength, my physio to aid my muscles, but also my therapy. My pregnancy and birth trauma left a mark, one that needed time and care to fade enough to move on. What I didn’t expect from picking up plastic on the beaches was the added bonus of a community of like minded individuals, a family and in some cases true friends. At a time when I felt my most lost, confused, invisible, faded I found caring, loyal and genuine individuals who have been a huge help in my rehabilitation. So as a thank you to @2minutebeachclean and the #2MinuteBeachCleanfamily at a time when they now need support, because let’s face it the COVID 19 pandemic has not been kind to small charities, I am challenging myself to walk the entire length of the River Itchen between 21st to 24th September 2020. It’s 30 miles in total, and to some it does not sound a lot, but to someone who couldn’t walk 2.5 yrs ago it’s an epic journey. As I head off into this challenge I want to raise money for @2minutebeachclean and would like to ask you for your support and sponsorship. The link is below, if you can and would like to donate. If not then don’t worry then please just share my post, I understand how difficult these times are for all of us. I have set a target of £500, but wouldn’t it awesome if we could smash that! Whilst I am walking I will also raise awareness of the health of our Rivers, plastic pollution and the importance of our individual actions in the fight to save the rivers, the sea and ultimately the planet.Thank you for reading. Treen✌️❤


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